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Texolve Digital was formed with its foundation deeply rooted in equipment repair and maintenance.  We are able to repair most tape machines and cameras down to a component level.  We use state of the art test equipment and service tools to assist in the diagnosis and repair of individual hardware.  And if it is more cost effective to buy something new than to repair it, we can help guide you towards a suitable replacement.

In addition to machine and equipment repair, we also offer several different forms of maintenance and service contracts.  Through regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits, we can help you extend the life of your system and get the most out of it.  We can help you anticipate when it will be time to find a replacement or consider an upgrade.  And our service contracts are a great way to know what your facility will be spending on equipment maintenance so you can budget accordingly.

We have service contracts in place with all of the sports facilities in the area (PPG Paints Arena, PNC Park, Acrisure Stadium) and with local colleges including Slippery Rock University,  California University of Pennsylvania and Franciscan University.  

Our warehouse has also become a field shop for Big Ten Network's fleet of MICR trucks.  We are able to quickly repair or swap equipment, and perform upgrade or maintenance on the hardware as necessary.


Since 2009, we have been partnered with The National Archives and Records Administration to repair, service and maintain the machines responsible for processing and storing the essential videos and media that make up a large portion of the history of the United States of America.

We also recently started working with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC to repair and maintain their large selection of tape machines and playback equipment.

For more information on our repair and maintenance services:

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